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It is an external fet preamp that is designed as a fundamental toneshaping tool with the purpose of always being on. Model db 680 tube bass preamp congratulations on purchasing aguilar amplifications db 680 tube bass preamp. You will simply sound better with one of these sitting behind you. Players will find that the aguilar preamp responds to. On the aguilar website all of the endorsors talk about playing with the amp set flat and i must admit i was a little skeptical. I purchased the db 751 about a month ago and couldnt be happier with my purchase. Nov 30, 2011 the db751, like the db750 is not inexpensive, but considering that it is second to none in built quality and parts, has truly highend sound quality, is backed by a 10 year warranty, and aguilars reputation for reliability and the great customer support, it is pretty much a no brainer to give the db751 a test drive. Tube bass head 6 pages summary of contents for aguilar db 751. Installation instructions for the ds860 series tritech microwavepir intrusion detectors 1. Aguilar ag 500 aguilar db 359 aguilar db 659 aguilar db 680 aguilar db 728 aguilar db 750 aguilar db 900 aguilar gs aguilar obp, db 924 aguilar s aipl spincycle aipl warmtone akai cd 3000 xl akai d 1, e 1, p 1, t 1 akai dps 12 akai dps 12 2. Tubes are covered by the warranty for a period of 90 days. Aguilar db750 sold items bass, electric bass, luthier, online shop. Hard to come by preamp in perfect working condition.

Aguilar db410 4x10 bass cab, 8 ohm product overview by gak. Page 1 model db 728 400watt tube power amp congratulations on purchasing aguilar amplifications db 728 tube power amp. A heavyduty cast frame eminence driver is mounted in a rear ported ply baltic birch enclosure to create a higheffeciency cabinet that will be focused, musical and sound louder than. Mar 28, 2009 aguilar president dave boonshoft notes that, this amp is a logical evolution from the db 750.

A heavyduty cast frame eminence driver is mounted in a rear ported ply baltic birch enclosure to create a higheffeciency cabinet that. A perfect combination of raw power and excellent tone, the db 751 continues the legacy set by the world famous db 750. One of my favorite rigs is aguilar db 680 728 into a whappo, jr. Aguilar president dave boonshoft notes that, this amp is a logical evolution from the db 750. Aguilar db 410 4 x 10 700watt bass cabinet classic black 8ohm. Feb 06, 2009 in this video clip, we get an up close and personal look at aguilar s latest db series offering which features white tolex and finish on their line of bass amp heads and various speaker cabs. We went back to the drawing board with the concept of making a great cabinet. The sound inherent in the aguilar db 680 tube bass preamp unit is warm with a smooth feel. Used by some of the best bass players in the world, the db751 delivers incredibly power and headroom. The new db 112 combines the full lowend extension of the gs 112 with the punchy midrange of the db series cabinet line.

The aguilar db 728 is a highend valvebased bass amplifier boasting 400w of power, eight 6550 vacuum tubes and a specially designed toroidal output. The db cabinets have the aggressive midrange to punch through a loud band while maintaining the fullrange, musical sound that is the aguilar signature. I used it for about a dozen or so gigs and the rest of the time its been sitting in a rack in my music room. Armed with a monstrous 750 watts at 4 ohms, the aguilar db 751 bass head gives you the headroom to rule any venue. In summary, the zmode switch gives you 3 organic starting points from which you can adjust pickup balance and add tone control to make getting the sound. The db 751 features an allnew hybrid preamp that combines the tubedriven tone of the db 750 with active boost and cut for better eq control. Model db 751 hybrid bass head the db 751 bass head features a combination of raw power and rich tone that continues the legacy of the db 750. Full manuals list manuals and schematics mr manuals. In 1995, aguilar began as the manufacturer of a single bass preamp. The db 751 is a groundbreaking hybrid with a discrete mosfet output section and a 3tube preamp. Selfdiagnostic protection circuit and thermal overload protection circuit. Three bands of boostcut and a selectable midrange frequency provides flexibility to dial in just the right tone. The db 751 combines the legendary tubedriven tone of the db 750 with greater. All tube power amp, 8 tupe 6550c for the power stage over four lamps 1 12ax7 and 1 12au7.

The db 728 is an extremely rugged tube amplifier optimized for bass. Aguilar diagrams, schematics and service manuals download for free. One of my favorite rigs is aguilar db 680728 into a whappo, jr. The db 680 is designed and manufactured to provide the most discriminating bass player with a studio and live performance t ool worthy of a fine instrument. Custom designed toroidal transformers provide an ultrawide frequency response. The aguilar db 680 is a highend valvebased bass pre amp unit featuring 5x vacuum tubes, dual parametric eqs and a unique deep control providing lowend boost. Congratulations on purchasing aguilar amplifications db 728 tube power. While maintaining the legendary sound of the db 750, the db 751 features improvements in the eq. Incredible detail, clarity, fullness, dynamics, and just a palpable sense of sonic texture.

Tech support wiring diagrams manuals warranty product registration. The db 751 gives you access to a myriad of great bass tones thanks to its powerful and flexible eq. Later would come the db359 and db728 heads, the obp1 internal preamp. Employing ply baltic birch, custom eminence drivers, and aguilar s custom horn and crossover the db cabinets have a clear, focused midrange and extended lows and highs. The metal numeric keys are backlit for a better use at nighttime, and two leds make programming of cards and codes easier. Aguilar db 751 750watt hybrid bass head sweetwater. The page has been created in order to share experiences and opinions about the older aguilar.

New york, ny march 26, 2009 aguilar amplification, manufacturer of highquality bass amplifiers, speaker cabinets and accessories for bassists is pleased to announce the release of the db 751 bass amplifier. Limited warranty aguilar amplifications db 751 hybrid bass amp is warranted to the original owner for a period of ten years from the date of purchase against defects in materials and workmanship. Diebold electronic security software reference manuals. The sound pressure level at the operators position according to iec 7041. Installing a new version of powerdb pro could affect multiuser access to your data. Aguilar professional db 680 bass tube preamp top of the line. Musical instrument amplifier aguilar db 728 manual. Free aguilar diagrams, schematics, service manuals. Power shut off, smelt like something was burning, and saw a little bit of smoke come out the back. The db 751 gives you access to a myriad of great bass tones thanks to its powerful and. In 1991 aguilar opened his own amp repair shop next door to sadowsky. The unit exhibits an intensively warm and smooth sound which makes this preamp popular with professional bass players.

Model db 728 400watt tube power amp aguilar amplification. Aguilar db112 bass cabinet classic black pmt online. The metal housing and the complete sealing of the electronic circuit make these systems. Db active pa speaker public address features twoway active loudspeaker standard speaker stand receptacle, 15 and 30 degree monitor angles, arrayable with 10 fly points.

The signal ground lift jumper, located on the rear panel, connects the audio circuit ground to the chassis. Now when trying to power it on, you can see a flash. Aug 30, 2014 amp went out on me last night during a gig. Aguilar db728 tube bass power ampvery good condition. Optional spst swtch adding passive tone to the obpi module capacitor onus 200v pop,propelene circuit ground wire to oapl. Digikey with cable and proximity reader code 663310. One owner purchased from basscentral in november 2005. The 3562a has a dynamic signal range of 140 dbm for. It can been seen and heard in many concerts, sessions. In fact, it is based on aguilars popular obp1 buildin preamp. Ten vacuum tubes generate 400 watts of harmonically rich tone. With this aston martin db9 workshop manual, you can perform every job that could be done by aston martin garages and mechanics from. Soon after, we needed an amplifier to compliment the preamp so we created the db 728. The aguilar db112 bass cab features one 12 speaker for a tight, midrange response.

Aguilar preamps have high headroom, low distortion and reproduce the full dynamic range of your instrument. Aston martin db9 owners manual pdf free workshop manuals. Custom designed, heavyduty, 15inch low frequency driver with a 2. These are the aguilar sound in an affordable, easy to install package. The db 412 bass speaker cabinet is a professionalquality, boutique cab used by some top pros. Aguilar db 728 valve bass power amp the audio hunt. The db 751 features an improved preamp that combines the legendary tube driven tone of the db 750 with greater eq control. Congratulations on purchasing aguilar amplifications db 359 tube bass.

F01u06862812 ds860 series installation instructions. The first screen to start losa db install click run to start installing the losa database, i. The aguilar db410 is a powerful 4x10 bass cab, designed to rock larger venues. Visit us online for more information or to download service manuals today. Players will find that the aguilar preamp responds to their use of dynamics far beyond other models. It includes the ability to make fft frequency response measurements, perform spectrum analysis, and transient analysis. He also helped designed the aguilar amplifier he uses, the aguilar db 680 preamp with aguilars db 728 power amp. The db751 is aguilar amplifications most powerful hybrid amp used by many world class bassists. I motori della serie livi, sono provvisti di centrale di comando con ricevente 433 mhz integrata e finecorsa. Bornemark software broomstick bass boss ac 3 boss ad 8.

This webpage contains aston martin db9 owners manual pdf used by aston martin garages, auto repair shops, aston martin dealerships and home mechanics. As soon as i plug into it, the tone is fantastic without touching a thing. The warmth and sweetness in the tone are produced by 5 vacuum tubes that give the preamplifier 2nd harmonic emphasis. Page 1 this amp has the headroom to bring your tone to life no matter. Multimedia monitors equipped with a 4 woofer and a 0. Aguilar preamps feature the legendary aguilar sound in a small, easy to install package. The hp 3562a dynamic signal analyzer can accurately measure signals from 64 uhz to 100 khz. Losa db enter your server name this is the sql server name that you will provide in the server dropdown. In order to synchronize data or have multiple users connect to a database, all machines at a company must be running the same major release of powerdb pro. It features four 10 cast frame woofers and features a custom crossover with variable tweeter control alongside a neutrik speakon input and dual 14 inch jack inputs. The aguilar obp3 was built from the ground up to be the ultimate source of fullbodied tone, transparency, and versatility for your bass. Supreme court decision interpreting and applying the fourth amendment to the united states constitution aguilarite, mineral named for ponciano aguilar.

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