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All new students have the opportunity to continue a mercer tradition of reading ferrol sams the whisper of the river. This novel is a work of regional fiction based loosely on the authors experience at mercer university. One of his english professors at mercer university, in macon, suggested. Do mercers sports marketing and analytics majors learn management, law, or economics. The whisper of the river, to this day is used in the classrooms at mercer. For almost 100 years, students have been climbing that same tower and leaving their signatures. The second of the porter osborne books, the whisper of the river, takes porter. To me, the whisper of the river is not only a coming of age book, but a depiction of life in the south in the prior to the us entering wwii. The university maintains a health service for all students including those at the henry county regional academic center. Whisper of the river has been required reading for mercer students for several years. Author ferrol sams, a former mercer university trustee and a. Mercer university is a private, coeducational university in macon, georgia, founded in 1833.

The whisper of the river is the story of sambo at mercer university. Mercer university rankings, tuition, acceptance rate, etc. Sams medical career started at mercer university in macon, georgia, from which he graduated in 1942. With that churchly background, porter follows his fathers footsteps to willingham university, a fictionalized version of mercer university. The georgia baptist convention named the university archives as the official depository of state baptist records, the georgia baptist history depository. Sams is best known to mercer students as the author of whisper of the river. As we follow porters college career, full of outrageous pranks and ribald humor, we sense a quiet, constant flow toward maturity. Teacher candidates who are enrolled in the elementaryspecial education, middle grades education and secondary education programs will complete 34 field experiences, beginning with the prepracticum, or early fieldwork, experience.

Whisper of the river by ferrol sams mercer university. The doctor of pharmacy program of study is fulltime and spans nine semesters 4 years. Founded in 1833 as mercer institute and gaining university status in 1837, it is the oldest private university in georgia and enrolls more than 8,600 students in 12 colleges and schools. Upon successful completion of the program, the doctor of pharmacy pharm. Im a mercer university alum and read the book for the first time 20some years. Turn right at the top of the ramp onto mercer university drive. When he left the farm, he was a raised right boy, determined to make all as, and not spend any more money than necessary. Here are the real people behind many of the main characters in ferrol sams famous novel about life at mercer university from 1938 to 1942. At the four way stop, turn left the hilton garden inn will be on your left. When he left the farm, he was a raised right boy, determined to make all. Deal earned his undergraduate degree from mercer in 1964 and graduated from mercer s walter f. We are conveniently located within minutes from interstates 75, 16, and 475. The university also boasts one of the most prominent and respected university presses in the country.

Mercer university is one of americas best colleges, with programs from undergraduate liberal arts to graduate, doctorallevel degrees in georgia and online. Mercer university is a private university with its main campus in macon, georgia. It is more appropriate for each of these to be an elective because there are fewer jobs in these areas. Ferrol sams is a family physician in fayetteville, georgia. The bittersweet and very funny story of a young mans journey to adulthood that the nashville banner called americana at its best. Their main campus in macon is extremely quite and feels very secured which is an overall learning environment. Nov 25, 20 the whisper of the river, published in 1984, continues porters adventures during the 1930s, as he enrolls at willingham university, a baptist college in macon. Young for his class and small for his age, porter osborne, jr. Whisper of the river by ferrol sams mercer university library. Special collections overview mercer university library. Peppered with memorable characters and resonant with details of place and time, the whisper of the river is filled with the richness of spirit that makes great fiction.

The whisper of the river is the second of a trilogy of novels that describe the life of porter osborn, jr. Jesse mercer and the schools founders did not initially intend to offer a collegiate education when they opened mercer institute in penfield in 1833. However, their inexperience with the incorporation of nontechnical factors into the decision process is the reason for this letter. While porter is navigating college at the age of 16 in a sea of 18 and old young men, the reader is learning about social the whisper of the river is the second book of the porter osborne jr trilogy. Sambo was an amazing man and a great mercerian, said mercer president william d. Congratulations to our 2019 mercer spirit award winners. If a student arrives unprepared for your advising appointment, consider referring your student to the university catalog, the general education requirements for the college or school, and the course schedule on the registrars website and asking your student to make a followup advising appointment after preliminary plans are made. However, mercer was later inspired by the states presbyterians, who founded oglethorpe university in 1835, and he pushed his fellow baptists to support a southern baptist college. There a young and selfrighteous porter reexamines his own beliefs. Made possible by a major grant from the lettie pate evans foundation, this endowed chair honors dr. September 26, 1922 january 29, 20 was an american physician. Explore key mercer university information including application requirements, popular majors, tuition, sat scores, ap credit policies, and more.

I devoured the book a thinly veiled autobiographical novel of sams time at mercer. The whisper of the river by ferrol sams, paperback barnes. The novel is a largely biographical account of the authors years as a mercer student in the late 1930s and early 1940s. To ask other readers questions about the whisper of the river, please sign up.

Mercer universitys purchasing office is the sole department authorized to make commitments for supplies, equipment, and services for mercer university after legal contracts have been signed, if applicable. Mercer university is an amazing place to attend especially to focus on academics. My dad and his brother, 94 and 86, says the stories i relate from this book bring back their college days at small baptist colleges. He met an assortment of characters, had some experiences, and was a different person when the story ended. The tower in the tallest of these spires is mentioned in the whisper of the river by mercer graduate dr. Whisper of the river by ferrol sams here are the real people behind many of the main characters in ferrol sams famous novel about life at mercer university from 1938 to 1942. The whisper of the river by ferrol sams 1,978 ratings, 4. Ferrol sams jr biography novel, southern, porter, and georgia. Atlanta campus includes the stetsonhatcher school of business, tift college of education, college of professional development, mcafee school of theology, college of pharmacy, college of health professions, and georgia baptist college of nursing 20192020 atlanta campus catalog, pdf version. The setting of willingham university closely mirrors the mercer university of the 1930s. Mercer university has collected and preserved baptist history materials since the late 1870s, following the university s move from penfield to macon. Incoming mercer freshmen are required to read the whisper of the river, but since i had not matriculated at that fine institution at the time of my story assignment, i hadnt even heard of ferrol sams. Nathan deal was inaugurated as governor of georgia in 2011.

The schools canvas intranet site, mercers webbased platform for instructional technology offers a wealth of resources helpful for classroom work and extracurricular activities. Henry county regional academic center tift college. Sports economics, sports law, and event management are offered as electives. The whisper of the river, published in 1984, continues porters. The jack tarver library macon, at mercer university macon ferrol. The whisper of the river by ferrol sams the frumious consortium. The mercer doctor of pharmacy program provides the didactic and clinical preparation for a professional career as a pharmacist. Due to the continuing need for all students to have adequate health care coverage, mercer university requires students enrolled in 3 or more hours on the macon, atlanta, law, medical, savannah and columbus campuses to provide proof of health insurance coverage each semester. The students there look nice and would help if your lost and dont know where to go. Sams writes of attending four years at mercer in macon, georgia, which at that point was a very small university, but with a good reputation. Summer reading program office of academic and advising services. Whisper of the river won the townsend prize for fiction that year and was performed. Jan 29, 20 generations have been inspired by the accounts of his exploits while at mercer in the whisper of the river.

Kim meredith, center for career and professional development, atlanta. In 2001, the georgia center for the book included run with the horseman on its list of 25 books every georgian should read. Generations have been inspired by the accounts of his exploits while at mercer in the whisper of the river. Turn left at the first traffic light onto stadium drive. To get a sense of campus spirit, check out the lyrical prose of ferrol sams, the physicianturnedauthor noted for run with the horsemen and whisper of the river, classics of southern literature inspired, in part, by his youthful days at mercer. Jan 03, 2012 the whisper of the river is the story of sambo at mercer university.

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