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In order to select the right channel for distributing his product, a smallscale manufacturer should keep in mind the following considerations. Jan 10, 2019 distribution strategy in the marketing strategy of hul hul works on gotomarket strategies to reach out each and every part of the country with its varied types of a distribution channel. Dec 14, 2016 hul expanded the concept to offer 18minute blocks of audio entertainment interspersed with ads for unilever brands. These companies have the highest combined market share in rural markets sangli and kolhapur districts and have a strong. We also have a project related to distribution of product in rural areas particularly which requires women, so in case if anybody interested we can work together. Distribution challenges and workable solutions sciencedirect. The objective of intensive distribution is providing a vast coverage of the existing market by using all available outlets. Project report on sales and distribution management pdf. Pdf hindustan unilever limited a study on the marketing concept. Unilevers marketing mix 4ps analysis panmore institute. There are three types of distribution are intensive, selective and exclusive distribution.

In a significant move, with longterm benefits, hul has mounted an initiative, project streamline, to further increase its rural reach with the help of rural substockists. A key ingredient in retailing success is the strength of a companys distribution channels. Following is the distribution strategy of unilever. The chosen level of distribution generally depends on different factors such. Traditionally, manufacturers produce goods and then sell them to wholesalers, which then sell them to retailers. Distribution strategy 9 channel strategy channel strategy decisions involve selection of the most effective distribution channel most appropriate level of distribution intensity and degree of channel integration distribution strategy 10 channel strategy channel selection market factors buyer behaviour, buyer needs, willingness of channel. Distribution louis vuittons distribution channels play an. Distribution network directly cover entire urban population. Dabur colgate tata tea marico britannia godrej gsk. We have analyzed the distribution network of hul from the following. A major customers tractor trailer breaks down on the interstate, and the local dealer doesnt have a vital part in. While selecting a distribution channel, the entrepreneur should compare the costs, sales volume and profits expected from alternative channels of distribution. For rural india, hul has established a single distribution channel by consolidating categories. European journal of business and innovation research vol.

An exclusive project report on hindustan unilever limited hul. Pdf distribution channel in hospitality and tourism. Project shakti business model overview views on news from equitymaster thombare invested rs 15, with the assistance of a local selfhelp group that worked with hul. Channel design creates a competitive advantage that separates market winners from market losers. Distribution channels hul retail supply chain management. Every distribution channel occasionally faces unexpected or unusual demands. Huls distribution network comprises about 2,500 redistribution stockists, covering 6. The distribution of lenovo t1 2016 mpk732 marketing. Investor presentation for hindustan unilever limited ev. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. The channel of distribution is the marketing managers bridge to the market. How unilever reaches rural consumers in emerging markets.

Reimagining hul re imagining our structure re imagining our portfolio re imagining magic in marketing re imagining the value chain re imagining fuel for growth re imagining culture of the organisation re imagining our trade channels 32. In the case of hul kolkata the sales were coordinated by area sales manager asm, activation manager am, and a territory sales incharge tsi. Oct 01, 20 colgate india has a strong marketing distribution network across india ranging from big metros to unreachable rural villages. Hindustan unilever distribution strategy management paradise. The indian fmcg sector is a lowmargin business where volume holds the key to success. Horizontal channel conflict occurs between channel members at same level vertical channel conflict occurs between channel members at different level multichannel conflict exists when the manufacturer has established multiple channels that cater to the same market occurs when member of one channel gets a lower price or works with low. Scaling a costefficient distribution and sales network in remote markets. A channel of distribution or trade channel is the path or route along which goods move from producers to ultimate consumers or industrial users.

Distribution system of hul huls products, are distributed through a network of about 7,000 redistribution stockists covering about one million retail outlets. Revisiting disintermediation from the perspectives of hotels and travel agencies article pdf available. The route can be as short as a direct interaction between the company and the customer or can include several interconnected intermediaries like wholesalers, distributors, retailers, etc. Hul nestle britannia pg combined dabur marico colgate gsk tata tea godrej cp 3. Following is the distribution strategy of hul hindustan unilever. Hul distribution modeloverviewhuls previously known as hll products are distributed through a network of 4,000 redistributionstockists, covering 6. The route taken by goods as they move from producer to consumer is known as channel of distribution. Public domain unilever implements a complex marketing mix that considers product differences and variations among markets around the world. Effectiveness and efficiency of distribution channels in fmcg. Hindustan unilever has also developed a lowcost distribution model based on the mobile phone. By only allowing sales of their products within specialised stores and concessions in selected department stores such as neiman marcus, saks fifth avenue and bloomingdales, louis vuitton has been successful in producing and maintaining an exclusive brand image. The first part of this round table article provides an overview of distribution channels, particularly their constituents and.

What is intensive distribution and its advantage in business. Hul expands distribution network by 50% in two years. The distribution of the hul is well known for its efficiency but company constantly strives for the betterment of their distribution network system. Such villages often lie entirely outside the reach of mainstream media, and they cannot be reached cost effectively through the usual marketing channels, such as retail stores or online shopping sites. A distribution channel is a group of dependend on each other organisation units, which are taking part in process of flow of producst or services form producers to buyers.

Recently, project shakti has expanded its operations to include men shaktimaan. And after the mixed designed channels, the next step is determine a proper distribution channel, evaluation, selection and contract signing with the best channel partners. Dec 12, 20 hul project shakti distribution channel ppt 1. In other words, it is the distribution network through which a producer puts his product in the hands of actual users. Intensive distribution mainly means distribution on a largescale and displaying the product in as many ways and places as possible so that the customer sells in high volume due to large scale distribution. Pradeep gaurmint hul expands distribution network by 50% in two years. A distribution channel is the flow of a product from the original manufacturer through to the end customer. Colgate india has a strong marketing distribution network across india ranging from big metros to unreachable rural villages. Huls products are distributed through a network of redistribution. Our main aim to do study of this topic was to focus on the customer of the company i. Bhargavi reddy 2 1, 2 assistant professor, sri padmavathi mahila visvavidyalayam, womens university, tirupati 517501, a. Nov 28, 2011 sales and distribution channel of hul 1. Unilevers marketing mix 4ps involves global distribution of a diverse product mix promoted mainly through advertising and priced based on consumer goods market conditions.

Hindustan unilever distribution strategy management. A case study of hindustan unilever limited munich personal. Hul expanded the concept to offer 18minute blocks of audio entertainment interspersed with ads for unilever brands. However, little research exists about the distribution channel structure in india, which is largely traditional and quite unique. Hul has a very wide outreach into many deep pockets of the country. An effective distribution channel can be a source of strategic advantage for companies. Sales and distribution channel of hul linkedin slideshare. Feb 24, 20 overview of marketing channels of distribution.

Hul markets and sells its health and beauty care products to lowincome consumers in rural indian villages. Unilever marketing strategy comprises of not only its marketing mix, but also segmentation, targeting, positoning, competition and analysis like swot. Distribution channels hul free download as word doc. Intensive distribution which means the ways and places to display the product as many as possible so consumers could purchase it due to widely distribution.

At present, hlls products, manufactured across the country, are distributed through a network of about 7,000 redistribution stockists covering about one million retail outlets. Discuss hindustan unilever distribution strategy within the marketing management rm, im forums, part of the resolve your query get help and discuss projects category. Also known as a distribution channel, a distribution chain, a distribution pipeline, a supply chain, a marketing channel, a market channel, and a trade channel. The general trade comprises grocery stores, chemists, wholesale, kiosks and general stores. The role of distribution channel research and other details. Generated when one channel members action prevent another channel from achieving its goal types. May 16, 2016 thus, how to design a suitable channel is necessary.

Distribution channels can be also defined as marketing channels or market channels. Study of supply chain management of hindustan unilever. Hul 9 organization structure distribution channel market segment wise penetration products of hul category wise sales growth bcg analysis 5. Hul hindustan unilever marketing mix 4ps hul hindustan. Ranjeet patel project23 study of distribution channel of. Investor presentation for hindustan unilever limited. This flow may involve the physical movement of the product or simply the transfer of title to it. Hul also offers shakti ammas free courses on hygiene. Hindustan unilever limited hul and godrej consumer products. This lesson will discuss these channels, the types of distribution systems, and the goods and services that move along these channels. Hul distribution model retail supply chain management free.

Supply chain management of hindustan unilever limited. Project report on the distribution channels for marketing. Thus, a channel of distribution is the route or path along which goods move from producers to ultimate consumers. A distribution channel also called a marketing channel is the path or route decided by the company to deliver its good or service to the customers.

Investor presentation 12 09 2018 hindustan unilever limited. With domestic consumption close to usd 17 billion, the fmcg sector today is one of the largest in the country. Product are distributed across the country through a network of 4 warehouses hul consisting of more than 40 agents, 7500 wholesalers and a number of large institutional customer hul consist of a network of 7000 redistribution stockiest, covering about one million retail outlet. Study of supply chain management of hindustan unilever limited 2950 words 12 pages a project report on study of supply channel management of hindustan unilever limited. Thus, how to design a suitable channel is necessary. Introduction formed in 1933 as lever brothers india ltd. Intensive distribution is most commonly used when the product is a very common product in the market and there are many different alternatives available. These courses help shakti ammas market huls products, but more importantly they also help them understand how to stave off diseases in their villages through better hygiene.

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